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Message Delivery refers to the automated distribution of prerecorded voice messages to individual phone numbers. Another term used is Voice Broadcasting. Messages may be left with answering machines, voice mail, and/or live people.

Message delivery can be used to stimulate calls back for appointment scheduling or encourage some other purchasing action without the investment of a large call center staff. Other uses of message delivery include distribution of public service announcements, sale or new product notifications; merchandise delivery or service call reminders, and customer satisfaction follow-up calls.

Today's message delivery systems distinguish between answering machines, live people, fax lines, and other call outcomes, and report those dispositions back to the user. Different messages can be left for answering machines and live people. Also, message delivery systems can be programmed to provide listeners the option to connect to a live agent through DTMF commands (keypad touch-tone commands).

Messages are delivered through digitally recorded files over a computer telephony card typically housed in an industrial grade PC. The digital messaging device can be added to your network as a stand-alone unit or it can be integrated with your existing call center system.

The best message delivery systems can send out thousands of messages each day, limited only by the number of lines used.

Today change is inevitable. Consider a system designed to be fully upgradeable to a full-featured contact center call manager, allowing greater flexibility in your business model.
    Calltrol's Object Telephony Server (OTS™) software is the product of over a decade of experience and research. Our planning has always pointed toward one goal, the development of the most comprehensive and open telephony products for contact centers.

There are many products that promise message delivery. What sets our product apart is the underlying software technology which can vary significantly among systems.

ALL MESSAGE DELIVERY SYSTEMS ARE NOT THE SAME. The productivity results, reliability, accuracy, upgrades and support all depend on the individual vendor.

With flexibility and ease of use matching any other system, the OTS™ Play and IVR features provide accurate and option-rich functionality to any such system.

Calltrol prides itself on offering a Convergence Friendly®, truly open software product, that can interface with any proprietary or off-the–shelf customer contact management system. The Calltrol features employed by message delivery are a subset of ten modules available from the OTS™ telephony platform suite sold together or separately. Calltrol solutions are uniquely designed to seamlessly integrate with nearly any existing infrastructure or alternatively provide you with that infrastructure.

Can't decide if purchasing a system is right for you? We can also furnish information on contractors who offer message delivery services on systems built from the Calltrol platform.

Whether you're a developer or user in need, we'll be glad to help you further.
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