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The Calltrol Corporation product-line combines power, flexibility, and efficiency. This award-winning technology is based upon industry standards yet handles the most sophisticated call processing requirements of todayís contact centers. The greatest benefit of this truly open platform is that its server only architecture is specifically designed for seamless integration with any number of third party applications. The result of implementing this high performance, low cost modular platform is CTI performance that rivals systems costing as much as 10 times more. The capabilities of OTS™ allow it to replace as many as 7 existing telephony components in your contact center, while lowering costs and improving performance. With thousands of systems installed worldwide, you can count on Calltrol to deliver superior value.

Object Telephony Server (OTS™)

A network based telephony platform/switch enabling the seamless integration of advanced contact center telephony functions with independently developed client applications

  • Many commercial applications already integrated with OTS™ for quick, "off the shelf" solutions.
  • Scales to 1000's of ports across multiple sites (one virtual platform).
  • Redundancy, remote nodes, home agents offshore
  • Provides advanced contact center functions including:
    • Predictive Outbound Dialing
    • ACD & Intelligent Call Routing based on DNIS, ANI, DTMF or other any other data/rules. 
  • Voice Processing (VRU/IVR)
    • Inbound & Outbound
    • Record & Play Speech/Audio
    • Prompt callers for info or options.
    • Record calls for quality control
    • Automate inbound and outbound calls without operator intervention (can always route to specific live agent or group).
  • Conference, Monitor, Coach
    • Large conferences supported
    • Third Party verification
    • Silent supervisory monitoring and coaching of agents.
  • All Major Telephony Interfaces
    • VoIP, SIP, MGCP, H.323
    • T1, E1, ISDN
    • IP Telephony
    • Analog loop start lines and stations
  • Standard Hardware Platform
    • PC Based - Win NT/2000/XP OS
    • Dialogic/Intel and other industry standard Telephony boards
  • Works with any TCP/IP network including the Internet
    • Application, Operating System and Database independent.
    • Easily distribute users on LAN/WAN
    • "Mid Level API" easily embeds in client programs while preserving enormous call handling flexibility.
    • Low risk Developer's Kit (SDK) including Active X, and Java Beans tools.
    • Supports Linux, Mac, Browser, dumb terminals.

OTS™ Developer's Kit (SDK)

  • Expert support via phone, email & fax
  • Rapid X controls and Java Beans C source code.
  • Includes working sample applications with Visual Basic source code such as.
    • Predictive Dialing
    • Inbound call distribution to available agent with voice mail if not available.
    • Agent silent monitoring and coaching.
  • No telephony hardware required. Full simulation of Predictive Dialing
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