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OTS™/OAPDE™ Developer's Kit

The Developer's Kit is a useful tool for anyone wishing to create his/her own call center client-side software. The way we see it is as so, nobody knows the dynamics of your business better than you do. Rather than creating one system to fit all needs we allow you to integrate the application of your choice. There are many solutions already available through independent solution providers. We are also aware that no matter how impressive these applications might be, there are a variety of reasons why you might wish to provide your own. With our developer's kit you can do just that.  Either integrate a legacy application or develop a new solution customized exactly the way you want it and save license and maintenance costs as you grow.   

The kit provides a simulated calling environment. You will also be supplied with full documentation of our communication protocol, as well as source code examples and communication tools to reduce development time for many popular programming environments. This will allow a programmer to develop an application, iron out all the problems with help from our technical department, and make sure that everything is just right before purchasing an entire system. Any application that successfully works with the simulator is guaranteed to work with a full-fledged system.

The program only simulates outbound campaigns. In order to test the IVR and ACD capabilities, Calltrol provides a full-featured license for a small runtime system. This would typically be for 4 stations and 4 lines. At least one D41ESC card is required for IVR and one MSI-SC card for ACD/Call Blending, but smaller configurations will work for many live agent features. IP telephony Boards may also be used.

The Developer's Kit license is available for only $499.00. Once you have successfully created your application and installed a system, this developer's tool changes and can be used as a training tool.  Just continue running your application within this simulated environment. Call us at 877-673-6284 or 914-747-8500x441. Email Calltrol Corporation today to get started with minimal risk.

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