What is an Auto Dialer?    

Calltrol's Auto Dialer

An Auto Dialer (or Automatic Dialer) is a system that calls numbers from a list or database when an agent in the pool is available. This phone dialer technology improves lead generation and saves the agents time and aggravation by detecting and not connecting fax machines, operator intercepts (tri-tones), non-answered calls, and answering machines (if so desired).

An auto dialer is not a Predictive Dialer. A predictive dialer calls prospects in anticipation of agents becoming available at a rate calculated from a variety of factors, dynamically adjusting its pacing to best keep all operators talking. A predictive phone dialer will continue to dial in anticipation of an agent's availability, yielding extremely high talk times of around 50 minutes per hour, and higher lead generation.

A business would select an auto dialer over a predictive phone dialer under these circumstances:
  • Only a small number of agents are employed (less than 8)
  • If prospects are are almost always answered by a person
  • Agents are required to preview a prospect's data before making contact

Today's generation of auto dialers do much more than their past counterparts. Features such as digital recording, conferencing, silent observation & agent coaching and direct processing of inbound calls should be standard in any auto dialer product you are researching. Additionally, any auto dialer should be upgradeable to a predictive phone dialer, with minimal effort or expense, so the system does not become obsolete when your business grows.
    Calltrol's Auto Dialer software and its supporting telephony server platform are products of over a decade of experience and research. Our planning has always pointed toward one goal, the development of the most comprehensive and open telephony products for contact centers.

Anyone can call a product "automatic dialer". What sets systems apart is the underlying technology, which can vary significantly among systems. ALL DIALERS ARE NOT THE SAME! The productivity results, reliability, upgrades and support all depend on the individual vendor. Calltrol prides itself on a powerful base of repeat customers, including a number of companies that themselves develop auto, predictive, preview, and progress dialer technology!

We recognize that technology value in the contact center comes mostly from data and applications that use that data. Agent performance and ultimately overall productivity depend upon comprehensive, real-time management of data in a fashion appropriate for your specific industry or organization. Calltrol solutions are uniquely designed to seamlessly integrate with nearly any existing infrastructure or alternatively provide you with that infrastructure.

Whether you're a developer or user in need, we'll be glad to help you further.
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