New Product Announcement:
Calltrol Corporation, February, 2002
Product Name: Calltrol Historian

Calltrol Corporation, Valhalla, NY, a pioneer in open contact center telephony and the developer of Object Telephony Server™ (OTS™) and Open Architecture Predictive Dialing Engine (OAPDE™) announces the availability of its Historian call recording and activity logging utility.

Now, any OTS-based contact center running any application(s), can immediately add digital conversation recording. Historian can record and report detailed information about every phone call processed through OTS. Call segments are stored separately and played back sequentially, so, no matter how many times a call is put on hold or transferred, every bit is stored and can be retrieved as a whole call, or by call segment handled by a specific agent for example.

Calltrol's exclusive Convergence Friendly® Architecture and supporting solutions are now even more valuable with the addition of digital voice recording and detailed reporting through Historian.

OTS was designed from the ground up to provide powerful, seamless and cost effective communications management and control to any external CRM or routing applications. This design permits contact center developers to leverage any application(s) regardless of database or operating system and easily add all common contact center telephony and routing features within or behind the same interface.

OTS supports typical productivity enhancers such as Predictive Dialing, Intelligent Call Routing/ACD, Voice Response & Messaging, Call Recording, Call Monitoring and Silent Coaching. With OTS version 6.0 being released this month, look for improvements such as Enhanced facilities for external reporting and control applications, dynamic multi-skill routing, Automatic Remote License Modifications, Outbound Caller ID Display Control and New Management and Configuration GUI.