Judge's Pick CT Demo Fall 1998
Buffalo's ICR and OTS Extensions Make Waves

Two reasons why Buffalo International (Valhalla, NY- 914-747-8500) gets picked here.  First, they continue to rock and roll out their open architecture Object Telephony Server (OTS NT) for specialized call-center apps (including predictive dialing and call-blended telemarketing), already 300 systems worldwide-one the best CT server software packages available on the market today.  And second, they continue to enhance this award-winning product. 

This time they’ve made waves with their Intelligent call Routing (ICR for transferring calls and data between different campaigns and applications) and OTS Extensions (let developers add new functions to their API).

With the new Intelligent Call Routing module every call transferred within the OTS NT system is sent with data.  This data contains relevant “news” that when transferred to a receiving user’s application can effect context sensitive screen “pops” or be used for other intelligent call processing purposes.             

Up to 255 bytes snugs into the data area and can be modified at any time.  Information, such as which IVR options have been selected or the caller’s account number, can be added to the call data and used at later steps in the call.  The beauty of it all is that it works with multiple applications that are running on different platforms or if incompatible databases are present.

The new OTS NT Extensions let different developers, using Visual Basic, or the like, and a Microsoft ActiveX DLL, add call handling routines to an OTS NT system.  Developers love this one (ask the Rockford Group, which was in Buff’s booth when I arrived).  Each routine you develop (or license) is called an OTS Extension.  Each Extension is a call handling application unto itself.       

Extensions can  access any third party database or other resource.  The only limitations on OTS Extensions are those imposed by the language they’re developed in.

A subset of OTS functions are available to OTS Extensions and are accessed in a fashion similar to calling a DLL.  Examples are dial, play, record, get digit and route call.

The Rockford Group (Denver, CO- 303-798-7900) is using Buffalo’s OTS NT to build real world applications.  Rockford’s Touchstar Integrated Call Center Solution manages the services of the Buffalo OTS to establish and administer the calling or answering campaigns and manages and monitors the agents.  Integration and database tools give extensive real-time and historical reporting that can be customized.

Truly impressive server software for open architecture call centers.

Brandon Friesen