Robust Inbound Features Added to the Buffalo Engine

Valhalla, NY, July 30 - OTS™ (Object Telephony Server), the latest release of Buffalo International's call center platform (The Buffalo Engine) offers both inbound call processing (ACD) and IVR, in addition to enhanced outbound dialing features. These new functions will allow the Buffalo Engine to perform sophisticated call blending applications with the same high quality that customers have come to expect from the leader in Open Architecture technology.

"To be able to house both the inbound and outbound in one PC is a major breakthrough for us," said Wai Wu, Buffalo's VP of Technology. "It's a big step towards our ultimate goal of providing a complete call center platform. Inbound/Outbound blending, IVR, Digital Logging, Transfer/Conference, Send/Receive Fax all in one box."

Not only that, but OTS™ is truly open by design. This unique architecture gives the Buffalo Engine the flexibility that was never thought possible with traditional dialers. Nothing about the system is proprietary. The PC based platform comes configured to order with state of the art Dialogic™ boards. It plugs right into your existing network, and there is no need to replace your data management software or agent workstations.

"Our long term goal is to provide a box that will empower the customer to do whatever they need to, rather than us doing everything for them," said David Friedman, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Buffalo. The Buffalo Engine (hardware & software) starts at about $1000-$1500 per seat.