New FTC Regulations: Telemarketing Sales Rule

Effective 3/31/03: The Federal Trade Commission has amended the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) making provisions for a national do-not-call registry and regulations pertaining to call abandonment.

Specifically, the new TSR defines any abandoned call as an abusive telemarketing act or practice. However, the amendment also states that a seller or telemarketer will not be liable for violating that section (310.4(b)(4)(i)-(iii)) of the TSR if:

· the seller or telemarketer employs technology that ensures abandonment of no more than three percent of all calls answered by a person, measured per day per calling campaign;

· the seller or telemarketer, for each telemarketing call placed, allows the telephone to ring for at least fifteen seconds or four rings before disconnecting the unanswered call;

· whenever a sales representative is not available to speak with the person answering the call within two seconds after the person’s completed greeting, the seller or telemarketer promptly plays a recorded message that states the name and telephone number of the seller on whose behalf the call was placed;

· the seller or telemarketer, in accordance with section 310.5(b)-(d) (Record keeping requirements) retains records establishing compliance with 310.4(b)(4)(i)-(iii).

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