Computer Telephony Product of the Year 1998

In our October issue, we tried to point out that, in the end, APIs aren’t nearly as important as server software.  After all, CT could have one unified API layer, but what good would it be if there was no server software to sit between that API and hardware underneath?

One company that definitely deserves a Product of the Year here is Buffalo International (Valhalla, NY- 914-747-8400).  As we briefly mentioned in August, no one (at least no one still in business) has more experience in CT server software game than them, especially when it comes to open switching.

Their OTS NT server software is specifically for heavy inbound/outbound call-center environments and especially for centers with predictive dialing and call-blending needs.  Currently, developers writeto it through Buffalo’s own API (no standards committee has even sniffed at the functions they provide), but they’ll likely support TAPI down the road.

Whatever.  They’re on the right track, for sure.  And they’ll certainly be ready when and if a more standardized call-control architecture appears in our industry.  In the meantime, take a look at how they operate.  It’s the future of telephony.