Buffalo International Call Center Engine Now Supports Euro-ISDN

Valhalla, NY, December 19, 1997 - Buffalo International, Inc. is proud to announce that OTS (Object Telephony Server) now supports Euro-ISDN. This advancement will allow the telephony platform to easily work in countries supporting this EC standard.

ISDN offers many benefits over traditional analog phone lines, and even though the European version is less feature rich then its North American counterpart, call centers will benefit from this new compatibility. Coupled with OTS, Buffalo’s Open Architecture telephony platform, European call centers just need to plug in their system to gain high performance, low cost outbound/inbound call center automation.

Unlike it’s North American counterpart (T1), E1 is usually provisioned as primary rate ISDN rather than E & M. So, supporting Euro-ISDN, a standardized configuration of the E1 being used throughout the European Economic Community, permits easy installation using SCSA compatible Dialogic boards.

OTS from Buffalo International is a high performance and very flexible telephony platform. Its PC based, and permits tight integration with the third party client/control applications of your choice via TCP/IP or NETBIOS for total customization.