Buffalo International to present the Telephony Connectionand Demo Contact Center at CT Expo in Los Angeles 

March 2000-Valhalla, NY-Buffalo International, Inc. creator of the award winning Object Telephony Server (OTS™) and the world's first Open Architecture Predictive Dialing Engine (OAPDE) announces that the Telephony Connection is back after a smashing success at CT Expo Fall in New York. It's a presentation like none other on the show floor. Be sure to visit our Demo Contact Center with contact and campaign management software provided by Drextec, Inc., Booth #1537

It's back!!! Which vendor will the contestant choose? Will it be the old world Dinosaur, the contemporary but proprietary Tiger or the robust and modular Buffalo? Find out with host Don Jamieson of MTV. It's a hilarious show you do not want to miss.

"The Telephony Connection was a huge success at CT Expo in New York. Putting a light spin on an often frustrating and expensive challenge is really appreciated by the audience;" said David Friedman, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Buffalo International, Inc. "Our way of communicating parallels the ease and simplicity of implementing complex contact center call handling with the OTS™ platform vs. the competitor;" finished Friedman.

Buffalo International and Drextec, Inc. are show casing a demo contact center based on OTS™ and Drextec's DPTS. DPTS is a PC based software suite for Inbound and Outbound contact centers using Buffalo International's OTS™ platform. DPTS and OTS™ lower costs by consolidating various call handling functions inside one PC server, with a single software based control interface.

"By utilizing Buffalo's open telephony platform, we have been able to provide advanced CTI capabilities to our applications without facing the intricacies of hardware control. This gives us a tremendous competitive advantage in the marketplace, as our development efforts can be focused on our strengths in database management and user interface design. The open Buffalo CTI platform and Drextec Open Source permits our clients to extend and integrate their departmental CRM systems without reinventing the wheel;" said Chris Brown, President, Drextec, Inc.

Since 1989, Buffalo International has provided tools and systems to telephony enable eBusiness and CRM applications. Primarily used in Telesales, Market Research, Customer Service and Support Contact Centers, OTS™ seamlessly integrates with client applications under any operating system. Productivity enhancement up to 400% is common. OTS™, an open telephony server, operates on a stand-alone basis or can interface with legacy telephony systems. It runs on standard PC hardware and supports industry standard media processing/telephony components including Dialogic/Intel, Audiocodes, and Real-Time Systems. OTS™ has the capability to replace legacy telephony systems: ACD, Predictive Dialer, VRU, IP Telephony, Observation and Recording, etc.