Buffalo International, Inc. Changes Its Name to Calltrol Corporation
For Everything You’ve Got on the Line

September 2000, Valhalla, NY-Buffalo International, Inc. has changed its name to Calltrol Corporation.  The name represents the niche Calltrol Corporation occupies in the Contact Center/Computer Telephony industry.  Calltrol’s product, the award winning Object Telephony Server (OTS™) will keep the same name.

“While many clients have complimented ‘Buffalo’ as a unique name in the technology field, we believe Calltrol is equally unique and concisely identifies what we do, give you control over your calls,” commented David M. Friedman, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Calltrol Corporation.

The OTS product line has also been revamped to better address the broad variety of needs supported.  Several different modules of the OTS product will be available including Outbound Live, ACD Plus, Message Delivery, Complete and others based upon the customer and contact center needs.  As always, OTS is based on open architecture.  The OTS Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) and the SDK + are wonderful tools for developing a truly customized contact center solution.  Design and control of the call flow is left up to the developers.

About Calltrol Corporation

Since 1989, Calltrol Corporation has provided tools and systems to telephony enable eBusiness and CRM applications.  Primarily used in Telesales, Market Research, Customer Service, and Support Contact Centers, Calltrol Server Software seamlessly integrates with client applications under any operating system.  Productivity enhancement up to 400% is common.

Object Telephony Server, an open telephony server, operates on a stand-alone basis or can interface with legacy systems.  It runs on a standard PC hardware and supports industry standard media processing/telephony components including Dialogic/Intel, Audiocodes, and others.  OTS™ has the capability to replace legacy telephony systems:  ACD, Predictive Dialers, VRU, IP Telephony, Observation, and Recording, etc.  www.calltrol.com