Buffalo’s Enhanced Engine Receives Judge’s Pick Honors

Valhalla, NY, November 1998 - Buffalo International, Inc., makers of the world’s first and only Open Architecture Telephony Server, has earned Computer Telephony’s Judge’s Pick Award after a strong showing at CT Demo/Expo ’98. The article honoring the latest version of the Buffalo Engine appears in the November issue of Computer Telephony Magazine.

"[Buffalo International, Inc. has] one of the best CT server packages on the market today," says Brandon Friesen, Associate Editor at Computer Telephony Magazine

Object Telephony Server (OTS NT™), the third generation of this unique product, and its recent "ICR" (Intelligent Call Routing) and "OTS Extensions" enhancements make the Buffalo Engine even more flexible and allow for even more customization of your total solution. OTS NT™ lowers costs by consolidating various call center functions within one PC server. Where separate components used to be required to achieve a comprehensive Inbound/Outbound call center with Voice Processing, Monitoring and Recording, OTS NT™ can support all of your call center functions in one box, using the latest in Dialogic® boards.

OTS NT™ is a server only system containing value-added functionality such as Predictive Dialing, ACD, Voice Processing and SCSA resource management. Users may source compatible client applications from a field of solution providers or they may opt to integrate their own new or legacy applications directly with OTS NT™ to form seamless networked call center solutions. The NT platform is capable of supporting thousands of ports across multiple hot swap hardware modules.