Buffalo International and VAR Drextec Receive Prestigious Award

Valhalla, NY Dec. 15, 1996 --- Call Center Magazine, one of the world's leading authorities on Call Center technology has announced that a total Call Center CTI/Automation solution based on OAPDE™ - Open Architecture Predictive Dialing Engine from Buffalo International, Inc. and DPTS™ - Drextec Prospecting and Telemarketing System from Drextec, Inc has been selected to receive it's Editor's Choice Award. The article can be found in the December 1996 issue of Call Center Magazine published monthly by Telecom Library, Inc. NY, NY (1-800-LIBRARY).

"The Editor's Choice is welcome recognition in an often clouded market", said David Friedman, Buffalo's VP of Marketing & Sales. "There is so much hype in the CTI arena, especially with things like open architecture and strategic partnerships, I'm glad that the leading experts are looking closely at what companies are actually putting together and getting out into the real world," continued Friedman. A critical
element to consider when selecting a technology vendor is what they have actually done before, and whether they have kept up with promised advances over time. Since the technology changes so rapidly, it's impossible to buy everything you need off the shelf today. Having a vendor, who has a track record and real references, provides some predictability as to what their future performance will be. When you invest in this type of technology today, you must be future conscious".

The Call Center article by Joe Fleischer highlighted the following points with respect to the Drextec/Buffalo solution. Robust campaign and list management and reporting features, support of multiple predictive dialers from one management console, variety of supported PC operating systems and cost.

Drextec, Inc of Marlton, NJ can be reached at 856-596-8285.