Buffalo Int’l To Demo Enhanced Engine at CT Demo/Expo ‘98

Valhalla NY, September 9, 1998 - Buffalo International, Inc., creator's of the World's First and Only Open Architecture Predictive Dialing Engine and the unique total call center platform – Object Telephony Server (OTS™-NT), have introduced many exciting new features just in time for CT Demo/Expo ’98. "CT Demo" is the largest industry trade show held on the East Coast. The product enhancements make "The Buffalo Engine" even more flexible and allow for more customization of your total solution. OTS NT™ lowers costs by consolidating various call center functions within one PC server. Where in the past separate components were required to achieve a comprehensive Inbound/Outbound call center containing voice processing, Monitoring and recording, all of these functions are supported on one PC based digital switch containing Dialogic™ SCSA telephony components. Support of the new "OTS Extensions" will simplify development of third party call center applications and sophisticated call handling routines that run on the OTS NT platform.

"We’re perpetually evolving to meet the needs of our market place," said David Friedman, VP of Marketing & Sales for Buffalo International. "Multiple best of breed applications can smoothly interact with each other on one PC server for a totally customized solution." Friedman continued.

OTS NT™ is a server only system containing value-added functionality such as Predictive Dialing, ACD, Voice Processing and SCSA resource management. Users may source compatible client applications from a field of Solution Providers or they may opt to integrate their own new or legacy applications directly with OTS-NT to form seamless networked call center solutions. The NT platform will be able to support thousands of ports across multiple hot-swap hardware modules in the near future.

Buffalo International would like to invite all show attendees to stop by booth #514 (in the Dialogic Pavilion), and check out a live demo of an independently developed Windows 95/NT based call center client application. This demonstration will show the many features that are provided by Buffalo's Object Telephony Server NT. Integral digital recording, supervisor monitoring & coaching, fax processing, and IP Telephony support will permit continued consolidation of functions normally performed by five or more stand-alone systems within a fully modular PC based platform.

Buffalo International is a Dialogic™ Corporation Platinum Partner.